Work With Us



APPLICATION PDF: application-2017

At The Edge, we value punchy writing, killer photos and clean design. Looking for a

creative outlet or professional media experience? Join us in bringing our visions to life.

Please answer the following questions in a document and email all responses, along

with a resume and cover letter, to before midnight on 2/19/17.

1. What’s your type?

Select 2 of the following teams you’d like to be a part of.

• Fashion (writing)

• Style (writing)

• Beauty & Wellness (writing)

• Features (writing)

• Design

• Photography/Video Team

• Social Media

• Logistics (scheduling, fundraising)

2A. If you want to write…

– Show us what you’ve got.

You’re in your first meeting to pitch an idea for an online article to your section

editor. What do you pitch?

– Everyone loves a free sample.

Copy-paste a page of your writing to give us a little taste of your talents.

2B. If you’ve got something else in mind…

– Design: Give us the deets. Let us know what programs you’re comfortable with

and attach 3 samples of your work.

-Photography/Video: Lights, camera, action. Tell us what equipment you’re

comfortable with and attach 5 samples of your work — photos or videos.

– Social Media: Follow for follow? Drop us your Instagram handle (yes, we want

to stalk you) and in 1-2 sentences, describe The Edge’s Instagram aesthetic.

– Logistics: Organization is key. Tell us if you’re a communications major, if you

know how to reserve the studios, and if you have any experience with