How to be the Holiday Hostess With the Mostest

By: Ashley Andrews

There’s no better way to kick off the Yuletide season than planning a holiday get together with friends. With the amount of possible wintertime festivities running longer than Santa’s naughty list, it can be hard to decide what to include when organizing a soirée. I’ve found the best gathering consists of good drinks, food, a few main activities and a place with a cozy atmosphere. To ensure you have the most talked about holiday party for years to come, I’ve thrown together the ultimate guide that will earn you the title of Hostess with the Mostest.

Step 1: Create the guest list

The guest list is whoever you want it to be; from family to your besties to the boy you’re trying to get under the mistletoe.

Step 2: Spread the word to save the date

Whether you want to make cute invitations to mail out or just create a big group message via text, do it ASAP. This will give your guests plenty of time to plan ahead for the night (and probably the next morning too!).

Step 3: Find a space for the party

The ideal location would be somewhere that’s intimate yet spacious. You want a place where your partygoers can sit and talk, but also move around and dance. A house with an outdoor space or open floor-plan is perfect.



Step 4: Pick your poison

Hot chocolate and Eggnog are holiday party must-haves. Whether you choose to spike them or not is up to you and your guests.

A drink for those who want to be merry and have a holly jolly time should try this cute Campfire Cocktail:





A drink for your guests who are trying to stay on Santa’s nice list will love this festive Peppermint Punch:





Step 4: Make the menu

Let’s be honest here, food is the main attraction of any party, so get creative. This cookie dough dip paired with gingerbread cookies is the perfect appetizer for your guests to munch on.

Depending on your crowd, the main course could consist of a dozen Domino’s pizzas or fancy appetizers. Finger foods such as these Ham and Cheese sliders are the perfect warm contrast to the brisk weather and will keep your friends coming back for seconds.



For other holiday appetizers, CountryLiving has some easy recipes that will make your spread look like it was taken off the cover of a magazine.  


To top it off with a festive dessert, these Candy Cane Oreo Truffles will satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.


Step 5: Plan the festivities

Amidst the finger food and small talk, the best parties have multiple activities so guests can mix and mingle. Picture this setup:

  • A classic Christmas movie is playing in the living room, allowing people to sit, relax, and even play a drinking game with the movie.
  • Outside a bonfire is burning, with outdoor seating and a small station set up for s’mores.
  • Another room is dedicated to miscellaneous activities like a cookie decorating station, a gingerbread house building station, or a big game of Cards Against Humanity.


Step 6: The party favors

End the night with a bang by sending your guests home with a little treat, whether it’s a small bag filled with Hershey kisses or a mason jar with hot cocoa mix. This site has cute and affordable DIY gifts that your friends will appreciate:


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