5 Outfits Perfect for Thanksgiving with the Fam

By: Johanna Hilpuesch

Thanksgiving break is upon us and many, like me, may be struggling with what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner back home. Being from Chicago, I’ve been preparing for how to brave the northern winds. Here I put together a few versatile outfits that can be worn to almost any family occasion.

This first outfit features this knit sweater tank in “beetle” with a pair of classic black jeans. Layered over it is an olive green utility jacket (similar one here). A look like this can be as easy as taking a favorite summer tank and pairing it with dark jeans and a jacket for the season change. The heeled dress sandals add a classy, more elegant feel to the look but if you’re looking for something more casual, a pair of booties will do the trick.



My favorite fall look this year is pairing a long sleeved shirt with a skirt and scarf. This second outfit features a taupe-colored long-sleeved tee paired with a burgundy colored corduroy skirt (similar). If you’re a devoted sock fan like I am, you can try out different colors of over-the-knee socks, like these maroon ones, or even experiment with some patterns. I love lace up ankle booties like these (similar to pictured) and I find that they look good with almost every outfit. Finally, a scarf like this adds an extra boost of color, as well as shielding from some of the ~frigid~ winds of the North.


The third outfit I put together includes a turtleneck sweater tank and another fall-style skirt. I used to squirm when my mom forced turtlenecks over my head, but now I think they’re so comfortable. Suede skirts like this one can be found almost everywhere – I got mine from Zara, but they don’t have it in green anymore. Here it is in black, though. Paralleling the color of the skirt, these combat boots add an edgy element to an otherwise rather plain look. Forever 21 is my home when it comes to buying cute socks like these and I would strongly advise investing in some.


This next outfit pairs one of my favorite casual T-shirt dresses with a vest I just got from Altar’d state (here). I’ve been wearing this vest 24/7 and it’s perfect to pair with any dress for a casual Thanksgiving look. The boots in this picture are Frye and are also one of my prized possessions. You can achieve a similar look using quite literally any casual dress, vest, and boots that you find in your closet.


Lastly, I paired a casual floral dress with a thick cardigan. My cardigan is from Free People, but they don’t have it anymore, so I found a similar one at H&M here. My exact dress is from Top Shop and they also don’t have that anymore, but any floral dress will do. The boots in this look are the same Frye boots from outfit four.


Shot by: Johanna Hilpuesch
Model: Isabella Saputo



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