Freedom Fashion

By: Blythe Tokar

This Election Day, women all over the country pledged to dress in all white when going to the polls. For those who are unaware, white is more than a fashion choice when it comes to equality, especially in regards to women’s suffrage. In the 1920’s the suffragettes who pioneered the initial battle for cross-gender equality chose to dress in stereotypically feminine clothes to dictate that their fashion choices have no place in fighting for their cause; powerful and strong-minded women can still be feminine.

Photo credit: Lauren Koontz @lauren_koontz
Photo credit: Christina Casillo @chrisrosecas

Despite party affiliation, sexual identity, race, ethnicity, or any other divisive entity that comes from our world, these women came together and wore white in support of equality We hope you voted this Election Day to preserve the ideals that our ancestors fought for.

Photo credit: Hannah Houser @hannahbeatrice

Though it’s wonderful to reference back to the sufragettes, it’s important to note their faults, specifically their racism. Christina notes that she also wore her all white ensemble to draw attention to this issue. She says ‘Activists like Susan B. Anthony were notoriously anti-black and it’s important to remember and acknowledge that. While this could be a great milestone we still have so much work to do and so many ceilings to break. It’s only the start.



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