Rocktoberfest: Elon’s Tri Sigma Sorority stays true to their motto, “Sigma Serves Children”

By: Sophie Eng


The smell of fall was in the air as dozens of Elon students gathered at Lakeside Plaza this past Thursday, for a day of live music, pretzel-eating and root beer drinking. Everyone was coming together to enjoy a great day for an even greater cause, all organized by Elon Senior, Alana McMahon and her fellow Tri Sigma sisters.

This year’s Rocktoberfest was held to benefit the Robbie Page Memorial Fund, Tri Sigma’s own national philanthropy. This foundation helps to raise money for play therapy for terminally ill children–a key element to Tri Sigma chapters across the nation.

“Rocktoberfest is our big fall event and we actually raise money through the pretzel eating and root beer drinking competitions,” said McMahon. “If an organization chooses to participate, they donate a fee, which goes towards all of our philanthropy.” 


The girls of Elon’s Tri Sigma also spend time with the children they’re helping by going to the Robbie Page Play Atrium at the UNC Children’s Hospital. Sisters are sent there to play with the kids and give them an escape from the struggles of their illnesses. One of Tri Sigma’s biggest mottos is “Sigma Serves Children,” and these girls are really living up to it and enjoy doing so.

“We send girls there [so that] kids who have illnesses, who are in these hospitals, can have an escape where they can just play,” said McMahon.

Knowing that all the profits from Rocktoberfest will be going to these children only makes it that much more exciting for McMahon. Even more so, she loves the whole environment and the idea that everyone’s coming together for not only a fun day, but also for an amazing cause.

“I definitely love all the bands that play,” she said, emphasizing how unique that makes this event in comparison to others across campus. “The music is a big part…it brings people together and makes people more inclined to come out and enjoy the day.”

Tri Sigma’s event definitely came together well, with beautiful weather, great music, tons of food and a lot of people willing to donate. McMahon’s hard work really paid off, as she was always staying one-step ahead of herself, making sure no small detail went unnoticed. She emphasized the importance of staying organized and delegating tasks because with such an important event, that was helping such an important cause, nothing could slip through the cracks.

“It’s definitely rewarding when it all comes together,” said McMahon, more than content with the turnout of the event, “[it’s great] when the day finally comes and you can just sit back and enjoy it.”


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