Athletic Wear: It’s Not Just for the Gym

By: Katherine Kane

It’s 7:45 and you have class in 15 minutes. You roll out of bed and open your closet, trying to put something together quickly. If you are anything like me, at this point in the morning I would browse over my dresses and jeans and immediately reach for leggings, a workout tank, and sneakers. We have all been there. It is so much easier to wear workout clothes all day especially now with so many unique and stylish options for athletic wear. Between Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line and Beyonce’s Ivy Park collection for Topshop, there are so many cool and affordable options to look sporty chic.



This trend can be as easy as switching out your Jack Rogers for Adidas Stan Smith sneakers or finishing an outfit with a baseball hat. Bomber jackets are a huge trend for fall and instantly add that chill, athletic vibe to a simple tee and jeans. Jogger pants are also on the rise and can be a nice break from the usual black leggings. If you are a dedicated legging fan, try out interesting patterns, bright colors, or sheer panels. The great thing about this trend is that you can go to the pro level in head to athletic gear or add just one sporty piece to edge up your look.


I know I love sporting the athleisure trend when my French class ends at 12:00 and I have to make it to 12:30 power yoga. It especially is perfect for college students since we are always on the move and comfort is key when you are running to that 8 AM.



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