No Sew Toms Pillow: Crafting with Courtney

By: Courtney Chambers

pillow-1Can’t sew? That is not a problem for this DIY project! You know those bags that come with a new pair of Toms shoes? They are so cool and trendy, but who keeps her shoes in bags? I knew that I wanted to use it in my dorm decor somehow and I came up with this DIY no-sew toms pillow! Here are the directions for you to make your own:


You will need: a Toms bag that comes free with the shoes | scissors | stuffing | hot glue gun


Step One: Cut the the sides of the bag off. Cut enough too remove the grommets, but don’t cut off too much that your pillow is super tiny either.


Step Two: Since the bag is still sewn together on the top and bottom, you pretty much have a tube. Flip the tube inside out.


Step Three: Use hot glue to completely close one end and leave a small section (approximately 3 inches should be good) open on the other end.


Step Four: Once the hot glue has dried, flip it right side out again. Fill it with stuffing. Really pack it in there, you don’t want a sad flimsy pillow. Then just use hot glue to close up the small opening.


I love how the pillow turned out! A few of the girls who live in my suite have already said they want to make one out of their Toms bags. It makes me think of all the other things that can be turned into pillows or reused in a different way! So don’t be surprised if you see some more recycled crafts popping up around here.


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