“Is this Gluten Free?”: Paleo-friendly Restaurants Near Elon

By: Erin McDowell

1. Company Shops Market – Burlington, NC


You already know about the gluten free sourdough. Just go for it.

2. Mellow Mushroom – Burlington, NC


Staying close to Elon’s campus can cost you. For a pizza with gluten free crust and vegan cheese, you can pay up to $20! The pizza is delicious, though.

3. Dos Perros – Durham, NC

Chefs At Home

If you’re looking for Mexican, look no further. Almost everything on their menu is gluten free, even their fried items (they use rice flour!!)

4. Crafted – Greensboro, NC


Crafted has two locations – one which is mainly tacos and one with street food like ribs and burgers! Their tacos are made on corn tortillas and they can guarantee no contamination. Woohoo!

5. Spotted Dog – Carrboro, NC


Their menu features tons of vegan, vegetarian, and GF options as well as “normal food” for your non dietary-restricted friends. Their burgers are on point, but my favorite thing on the menu is the pimiento cheese sandwich, which is vegetarian and the most delicious sandwich I’ve ever had in NC.


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