Conceal, Don’t Feel: Men in Makeup

p1030245By: Matt Reichenbach

People have always told me I have no eyebrows. Up until about a year ago I wouldn’t have paid any attention to the scathing comments of my belligerent haters but one day, they got to me. With my best friend at my side, we entered the once forbidden land of Sephora, and we got to work.

What can be described by a whirlwind of powders and color, we finally found my go-to makeup kit: Sephora brand concealer with an Hourglass brand eyebrow pencil. While I don’t flaunt my extensive make-up collection, it is nice to have. Those moments when you wake up to sudden breakouts, concealer hides the redness so you can buy some time to apply a more effective skin treatment like Clearasil or Aveeno. In regards to the eyebrow pencil, I do only save that for special occasions like going out or invitational events on campus.


Applying both products is very easy, straightforward, and takes no time at all. When using them, I rarely think about what others might think. Honestly, people usually don’t even notice I have it on. Obviously, the more makeup you put on, the more likely people are going to notice, so use what you can handle and you’ll be set for success.


Despite popular belief, makeup isn’t just created for women – there are makeup products specifically geared towards men. Companies have released powders that darken facial hair and creams that help counteract the dryness and itchiness that comes with routine shaving. With some research, you might be surprised at the extent cosmetic companies do, in fact, appeal to men.


Don’t let expectations or societal standards get to you. Makeup builds confidence just as much as wearing your favorite old t-shirt. Take a chance, don’t waste time thinking about it, and ignore the haters.


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