DIY Dorm Decor: Home State Canvas Art

By: Courtney Chambers

Going to college is a major adjustment. It is such an amazing experience, but a nerve-racking one too! You will undoubtedly miss home and miss your family. This easy piece of DIY dorm decor serves as an omnipresent reminder of home and may help you feel just a little more at ease in your new crib.


You will need:


Step One:


Paint the frame purple. It is best to use two coats allowing the frame to dry in between.

Step Two:


Freehand paint the word “home” across the bottom of an 8 by 10 inch white paper with gold paint.  

Step Three:


Print out an outline of your home state from the internet. Trace it onto the handmade marble paper.

Step Four:


Use the scissors to cut out the state on the line you just traced.

Step Five:


Apply a thin coat of decoupage to the back of the state cutout. Be sure to cover the edges.

Step Six:


Adhere the marble state cutout onto the white paper above the word home.


Having this reminder of home right over your desk is a great comforter when you are feeling homesick. This simple process can be used with any custom art that you want to make for your dorm room, not just states!

Crafting with Courtney is a bi-monthly style column written by Courtney Chambers. Crafting with Courtney provides simple and easy DIY projects, as well as more elaborate creations. 



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