Back From Abroad

By: Hannah McCarthy

Straight off the plane to Elon and what do we see? An incredible mélange of styles coming at us from all over the globe. We took to the streets of campus to photograph the trends students brought back from abroad.


Jackie, London Fall 2014 Oh, the London look The second best thing to a blue sky? Jackie says it’s a blue coat. London sees too many dreary days to pass up a fascinating frock like this one. Elon, take note – this applies to you too.


Rachel, Barcelona Fall 2014 Kicking Around Leave it to Spanish girls to look superb in sneakers. But who says they get to have all the fun? This is a hybrid infinitely chicer than a Prius.


Beckah, Rio de Janeiro Winter 2014 Rio Reverie Brazilian clothes in four words? Don’t skimp on color. “Things you don’t think match, mesh well together,” Beckah says. It’s all about that pattern play.


Chris, New York City Fall 2014 City Slicker “Leather is so warm and sexy,” Chris says of his NYC uniform. The sleek, all-black palette   seamlessly takes him Uptown, Downtown and back with its functional versatility and savoir faire. So bold and sharp, he doesn’t give a shit about what people think.

Photographs by Kim Duong

Hannah McCarthy is currently Style Editor for The Edge.


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